Employment Opportunities

Our vision is to create an exemplary customer service experience for all our visitors not only to our stores but also to our home in Whistler. We strive to provide fun, unique products that represent good value and excellent quality while actively searching for locally made items to share with our customers. 
As Whistler ambassadors we promote enjoyment of nature and the outdoor lifestyle in addition to educating our guests on respectful appreciation of local wildlife and our delicate natural environment.



Employee Testimonials

The most fun, friendly place I ever worked - seriously, where else can you wear pyjamas to work?!!  - flexible hours and theee best bosses ever!!!
Sherri Roesberg
I’ve worked in countless retail jobs and I always hated the pressure of trying to hit targets and force fake conversations with people. Working with Rob and Lucy was a completely different story. Coming to work in your Pajama’s and getting to share pure laughter with customers was amazing. I loved their products and so selling it and supporting them and their business was an absolute pleasure. From my first day I felt like a part of a family and that really is so special when living 8000 miles from home.
Vanessa Falzon
Thanks to Lucy, Rob & the entire Bear Necessities/ Cabin Fever Gifts team (including previous workers I got to meet along the way) I had a wonderful time in Whistler! It's not very often you come across great bosses  who I still want to help & impress to this day! Working in both shops was enjoyable and constantly teaching me new skills. Theres a wide range of interesting customers so it's really never boring. The thing I liked best was that they understand we are here to work but also get as much out of the community and area as possible! I was never afraid to swap a shift as the team always understood and was happy to help when I wanted to volunteer for events especially at WAG. I wouldn't even call it a team, I consider them all my Whistler family, we all helped each other out and enjoyed get togethers outside of work to celebrate things too. Having this also really helped me with any low blows you can sometimes experience living away from friends & family for so long. I never felt unhappy or alone in this community and am very thankful to Lucy & Rob and all the lifelong friends I have made through this job.
Lavina Dawn Saphire
Working at Bear Necessities helped to make my Whistler experience as amazing as it was! The hours were guaranteed and flexible so I could enjoy all that Whistler had to offer. Lucy and Rob are friendly, caring, and understanding - Even after leaving Whistler 3 years ago we’re still in touch! Once you’re part of the family at Bear Necessities, you always are
Ashlea Bray
Being a part of the bear necessities and cabin fever family was one of the highlights of my Whistler experience. Rob and Lucy are both beautiful and caring people who put their staff first. Guaranteed weekly hours made the expenses side of living in Whistler an ease which removed a lot of stresses that many people find living in Whistler. The staff are all like-minded which makes for an even better work atmosphere. I made life-long friends through working with Rob and Lucy and getting to know their kids. Bosses such as these two are a rare thing to find. The only bad thing about working for these incredible people was having to leave them when I went back home.
Ellie Wust
Working for bear necessities was the best job I have ever had. I only left becuase life took me back to Ontario. Both Lucy and rob were two people who believed in me and gave me so much opportunity for growth within myself. I learned so much and really did love all that I did. My hours yes were great, but I loved so much more than that. I loved working with people. I loved the independence I had. I loved always trying to improve the quality of the store and bring in service awards. This particular place of employment was more than that to me, it was a fulfilling home away from home. It was the perfect job and I am sure I would still be there today if I never left town. I was faithful in my time there, and they were more faithful in their honoring me. I get it is a transient town and there are many tourists,  but working at bear was part of my identify and I still hold a place in my heart for my experience there. I fell in love with retail  and their family.
Melissa Betts
As a stay at home mum Lucy and Rob allowed me to work the shifts that worked for my family so I wasn’t putting my earnings into daycare. I loved the opportunity of meeting the visitors to our resort and getting to know them. Working with Lucy was so much fun and in such a supportive environment to thrive and want to go to work. This is the family you have when you don’t have extended family. Loving caring and supportive.
Christine Reimer
In whistler its hard to find a job that is flexible, pays well and doesnt work you to death. But working for  Lucy and Rob I found the perfect job. They are the kindest most caring people you will work for. Always so flexible with my other job, regular fun work night outs and such a positive environment. You dont just get a job you get to become apart of the family. Wearing your pjs to work is just a bonus. I would happily come back in a heart beat if I was back in Whistler.
Emily-Kate Luxford
Rob and Lucy are a pleasure to work for. Their understanding and genuine care for anyone they come to meet are inspiring. Flexible shifts, guaranteed hours and a "one team one dream" mentality make it an enjoyable place to be, every day. Regular team hangouts and appreciation nights, you will never feel more loved at a workplace.
Jacob Pallister
U guys were horrible. From the 4 day flexible work schedule to the gift cards for purebred... Just horrible.
Shaun Brockman
Fabulous friendly work environment. Flexible hours, awesome staff, and the best boss! Plus years later I’m still wearing my cozy Jammie’s that I bought using my excellent staff discount while working there. 10/10 would recommend
Lisa Briscoe
The money I made, working a second job for Lucy and Rob is what kept me in Whistler! Their flexible hours meant I never had a shift clash. They are great bosses - kind, caring and understanding!
Chris Barnett